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2008 programme of Patrimonio's guitar nights

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Part one: Raul Midon

Raul MidonRaul Midon was born of an Argentine father and an afro-American mother and music quickly became an essential part of his life as he learned to play the guitar through the educational programmes for the blind he was put through (he and his twin brother were blinded by inadequate eye protection when placed in incubators as premature babies). He started his musical career as a backing vocalist for the likes of Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Julio Iglesias, etc but his real breakthrough came when he was taken up by producer Arif Mardin (Norah Jones, Aretha Franklin). In 2005 he brought out his first album State of Mind followed by A World within a World . His pop/soul style and his special guitar playing encompassing jazz and flamenco brought about immediate success. In a mere matter of a few months, he passed from being an unknown entity to the limelight; and although light is something he unfortunately can not see, it nonetheless bathes each and every one of his compositions. This inner light that radiates from his music gives him a powerful stage presence and Raul Midon is very likely to be one of the key revelations of the festival this year.

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Deuxième partie : Deep Purple

Deep PurpleThere are few bands who can legitimately claim to be at the origin of a whole musical style, but Deep Purple is certainly one of them. This quintet has had an immeasurable impact on rock, heavy rock and heavy metal. They were at the roots of most of it and the magic continues to work its spells. Even after almost 40 years of career and 100 million albums sold, their last opus Rapture of the Deep has also been eagerly snapped up by the punters. Success seems to have sterilized certain bands of their ilk, but when it comes to Gillan and co. they just continue to thrive off the energy of this dynamic musical form. Deep Purple has found a way to keep renewing itself without ever succumbing to the transience of fashion. One can only presume that it is this energy that also allows them to carry out their extensive tours in the capitals of all the World’s continents. Wherever they go, they set the place alight, even getting Putin and Medvedev to memorably get on down and strut their stuff alongside the fans in a recent concert in Moscow. Possibly not very statesmanlike but frankly, in their defense, no-one can resist the atmosphere Deep Purple generates at its concerts. Crazy guitar solos, manic improvisations, Hammond organ overdrive and drums that either thud timidly or turn into canon fire and a light show to go with it: it’s all there to get the audience moving and move it certainly shall, on this sweaty evening in Patrimonio.

On stage: Ian Gillan (voice), Steve Morse (guitar), Roger Glover (bass), Ian Paice (drums), Don Airey (keyboards)
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